Hannah Verlin
Infestation InfestationInfestationInfestationInfestationInfestation
Over the course of four days the artist slowly built a clay structure, reminiscent of termite mounds, around herself. To directly impact the school community, the performance took place in the heart of the school’s social center, the Atrium. The dysfunctional “colony of one” that she was creating by suicidally sealing herself off from the rest of the community re-focused the entire school into an insect-like colony. Turning the routine and familiar into the alien insect world forced an uncomfortable comparison between human interactions and that of insects. It begs the question what really makes us human; is it sociality or the self-destructive isolation of my performance? To emphasize these comparisons, Corrie Saux-Moreau, a researcher in insect sociality, presented a lecture on the final day of the performance as the artist sealed myself into the mound.