Hannah Verlin
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Knowing Not Knowing
What can we ever really know with certainty? The pieces of Knowing Not Knowing explore the tension of knowing something with conviction and yet never being able to know the full truth of it. Individually the work covers a range of themes: history, time, the printed page, literary tradition, love, and outer-space.

Although each piece exists in a distinct realm, they all share an aesthetic of belied simplicity. Shapes are limited to basic geometries of squares, circles, and triangles. The color palette is restrained to black and white with only the occasional burst of color in contrast. The materials are familiar—paper, cloth, and string—with minimal manipulation. However, the residue of an intense process puts the lie to the simplicity and gives the art a scintillating and restless quality.

Time and the artist’s hand are ever present in the work—hand-written text, repetition of form, torn paper, and dripping ink. There is a monastic devotion such that the act of creation can be felt with immediacy in the final form of the art.