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Letters to Medford
In 1855 Reverend Charles Brooks wrote a comprehensive history and cultural study of his hometown, Medford, Massachusetts (History of the Town of Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts). After examining two hundred years of Medford’s history he closed his book with a letter to the city’s residents two hundred years in the future, in 2055. His letter, as he himself imagines, is dated in many ways, but it is heartfelt and inspiring.

It has not been quite been two hundred years since Brooks wrote his letter, and certainly 2055 is almost as mysterious to us as it would have been to Brooks, but we stand closer to that time than to his. Letters to Medford was a homage to Charles Brooks letter to and to Medford residents past, present and future.

This temporary installation was part of the annual Mystic River Festival in Medford, MA. Selected excerpts from Brooks’ letter to Medford 2055. were stenciled on the walkways of Condon Shell Park where the Festival was held using chalk and pastels. Festival attendants were provided with the full letter to read and materials for writing a letter to Medford in 2255. The letters have been archived by the Medford Historic Society. The project is continuing to evolve and grow.